Nominations 2019

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Global Mobile Film Awards™ Nominations 2019

Congratulations to all the nominees!

The #GMFAwards2019 show premiered December 27, 2019 at 7pm (PST)

Press Release with winners was announced December 28, 2019

The following films were nominated for Best Of 2019 Global Mobile Film Awards™.

*The winners are now listed on the awards page.

Final nominees are determined by GMFA & awarded by a Judging Panel. All films must meet strict criteria which includes being shot with smartphone cameras. Categories (Best Film, Best Cinematography, etc.) for each award are chosen by the judges.

Annual nominations and awards are permanently set for each year as the best mobile films. GMFA is being referred to as “The Oscars” of the mobile smartphone film industry.

Please note that while individual preference as to what constitutes as “best film” is subjective to personal preference, the following films are selected as films which have won previous awards by film festivals as the main criteria for qualification to GMFA as contenders. The honor of each film’s nomination is respected and we wish each filmmaker and all members of the teams involved in their productions the very best. Congratulations!

Nominations 2019 

Mad House by Ross Perkins (iPhone 6s) Sydney, Australia

Blue Moon by Stef Harris (iPhone 7Plus) Motueka, New Zealand

The Deepest Cut by Alexandra Guillossou (iPhone 6)  St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.

Life in a Tiny Town by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan (iPhone XS Max) Austin, Texas U.S.A.

Sophie Sutton by Robb Montgomery (iPhone 6S Plus) Berlin, Germany

Chains by Michael Hollis (iPhone 6 & iPhone 5) Victoria, Australia

Gaia by Tejas Ewing (Sony XZ Premium) Singapore, Southeast Asia

Nominees are a selection of films nominated by member film festivals Mobile Filmmaker’s International Fest, MINA’s Nucleus competition and individual submissions. Award winning films only qualified.



A selection of professional industry individuals with experience in the film industry has been chosen to select the top films from this year’s nominations. The selection of films is a privilege afforded to filmmakers through GMFA Member film festivals and individual submissions. Nominees received official awards in film festivals around the world and were nominated for a global award as the best among the best films chosen for awards in film festivals.

This year’s nominations are for Best Film 2019, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Acting, Best Visual Effects, Best Experimental and other categories chosen by the judges.

Blake Worrell PHOTO BY Caroline Wimmer

Blake Worrell

In 1996, the youngest sound designer in Hollywood was on the payroll.  At age 18, Blake Worrell was already working for the iconic figure Roger Corman, at New Concorde studios in Los Angeles. After working on several films and a TV series, Blake was then hired overseas to do sound for one of the first 3D animated TV cartoons, with the German TV network RTL. In 2000, he released his first album with great success and by 2013, he had performed in over 1,000 live concerts, featured in over 30 albums, produced 5 albums and had an estimated reach of around half a million fans. 

In 2015 Blake leapt in front of the camera and immediately got in to working on major film productions as an actor. Today, Blake has been recognized by the ACS (Australian Cinematographer Society) for skills in filmmaking.  He has also been recognized by AFI and AACTA for being one of the leading filmmakers who has been using mobile technology to its full potential.

Blake Worrell has mastered mobile filmmaking through his experience using smartphone cameras and won top awards for his mobile films.

“It is with great pleasure that I can participate in this international community of Mobile Filmmakers.” ~ Blake Worrell for Global Mobile Film Awards™

Website for Blake Worrell | IMDb | Vimeo

Social Media: LinkedIn® | Facebook | Twitter


Nathan Bechtold

Nathan Bechtold

Nathan Bechtold is a Lafayette, Indiana based filmmaker/creative, and the current state president of Indiana Filmmakers Network Inc. He has been an active board member of the Indiana Filmmakers Network for nearly twelve years, helping to establish multiple IFN chapters, hubs, partnerships and affiliations across Indiana and beyond. 

Professionally, Nathan Bechold writes studio reviews for upcoming films, he is a script doctor, character developer, and creative consultant. He also enjoys acting, is an Improv Olympic alum, and ex-AFTRA, and has performed in multiple stage, studio, screen, voice and new-media productions.

“I am honored to be one of the judges for this year’s GMFA, I greatly enjoy viewing the diverse cinematic art of creative individuals from all across the world.” ~ Nathan Bechtold for Global Mobile Film Awards™

Website for Indiana Filmmakers Network | IMDb

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