S. Botello Productions™ has created a new platform for mobile filmmakers around the world. The founder of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, Susan Botello, has created an international Awards Ceremony as an online event celebrating the best of the best in the mobile/smartphone film industry with the brand new Global Mobile Film Awards™ (GMFA).

GMFA is open to filmmakers who shoot their films with only mobile phones and who have won official awards at any film festival or film/video contest around the world which has accepted and awarded a film shot with mobile phones. There are virtually no time limits (1 minute to 120 minutes) and more than one film can be submitted by the same filmmaker.

Filmmakers who have won awards with films shot with smartphones can submit their awarded films to GMFA to be considered for a nomination. Read About Nominations with very important information.

If approved, films will be nominated for the appropriate award category for the year. One film will be awarded per category for the year. Awards are selected by a panel of judges. GMFA is not to be mistaken for a film festival. It is an awards ceremony which only awards films considered the best of the best because they have already won awards in film festivals and official (qualifying) film competitions.

Any film festival or contest can become a member of GMFA to include free submissions to GMFA for mobile winning films from their competitions. This provides all film festivals and organizations with film/video contests, a prestigious benefit to their winning filmmakers who have shot their films and videos with only mobile phone cameras at no cost to the awarded filmmaker. It also encourages traditional festivals and contests to open their door to mobile filmmakers. It frees the filmmaker from having to prove their film has won awards and paying the submission fee.

Films may be submitted to GMFA and will be considered for nominations for these and other categories, where appropriate; best film, best director, best cinematography, best music video, best documentary, best news story, best experimental film, and more. GMFA is an online Awards Ceremony which will be featured in the annual International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

The Inaugural Awards Ceremony took place on December 10, 2017 at 6pm (PST) at http://www.gmfawards.com.