NEWS! Global Mobile Film Awards™ welcomes new film festivals in 2018-19!

We are looking forward to a new announcement in May 2019. Stay tuned.

It’s been a great year for mobile smartphone film for our member film festivals! We congratulate the nominations from our members for GMFA 2018 and we welcome two new film festival members to Global Mobile Film Awards™ this year. Film Festivals and Official Video Contests which accept mobile films qualify to be members of GMFA. GMFA is establishing a bridge for filmmakers and the film industry to connect smartphone filmmaking to the traditional established festival industry and encourages traditional festivals to celebrate smartphone films in their festivals with GMFA membership and benefits.

HeartlandINDYshortsFINALlogo Orange whiteHeartland Film presented it’s inaugural IndyShorts International Film Festival in July. IndyShorts welcomes mobile films to it’s new film festival and that is exciting for filmmakers since Heartland Film Festival has a great reputation in the film industry that goes back many years and is known to many Hollywood directors and celebrities.

Cinephone_Logo GMFA welcomed Cinephone International Film Festival this year as a new member! Cinephone has awarded nominations to it’s festival winners for this year’s Global Mobile Film Awards™ which will be announced before the end of 2018. Cinephone is located in Barcelona and is Europe’s first member festival to GMFA. Congratulations to the nominees of Cinephone 2018!

Best Film – SHE ROSE by Malwina Wodzicka with iPhone SE
Best Film – Promise by Ivan Sosnin with Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Best Director – Sonatina by Hoi Wong with iPhone 7
Best Comedy – Dulcinea by Francisco Lidon with iPhone X
Best Experimental – Yes, No by Matteo Tibiletti with Samsung S7 Edge

filmfestlogosquare061311white International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego also nominated two winning filmmakers for Global Mobile Film Awards™ and we congratulate the nominees of IMFF 2018!

Best CinematographyFocus / Directed by Brian Hennings (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) Perth, Australia
Best ComedyThe Actor / Narelle Nash (iPhone 7) Sydney, Australia


MobileFilmmaker International Festival GMFA’s newest member is MobileFilmmaker International Festival in Moscow, Russia! We welcome this new film festival to Global Mobile Film Awards™ and look forward to their nominations for GMFA 2019! Their festival takes place in Moscow April 14 2019.

The Global Mobile Film Awards™ is getting ready to present their online awards show and ceremony beginning in November 2018. Stay tuned for exact dates!