The Awarded films for the annual Global Mobile Film Awards™ are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners in the third annual Film Awards.

Global Mobile Film Awards™

2019 Awards

Laurel GMFA

The Awards Ceremony took place December 27, 2019 at 7pm (PST) online.

Congratulations to all the filmmakers awarded during the 2019 Awards Ceremony. A press release has been published with the announcement of the awards for each category. Special Thank You to judges Blake Worrell and Nathan Bechtold.


Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone was notified immediately after the show via email and a press release was published the following morning.


Best Film Award, Best Cinematography & Best Sound Design
Blue Moon
Stefen Harris

Businessman Horace Jones is deep in debt. While his family thinks he’s in Hong Kong on a business deal, he is covertly working a deadly quiet night-shift in his own service station to make ends meet. When a suspicious character expires in the station’s toilet clutching a large wad of cash, Horace is suddenly offered a tempting opportunity to dispose of the evidence and solve his financial problems.

Starring Mark Hadlow & Jed Brophy

Director’s Info: Stefen Harris feature drama The Waimate Conspiracy 2006 won four best film awards including, Wairoa Maori Film Festival Best film – Australian Producers Association DigiSPAA Award Best Film, Canada Dreamspeakers Aboriginal Film Festival Best Feature Film and The New Zealand Screen Award for Best Feature Film. Stefen won the Air New Zealand Inspiring New Zealander Scholarship in film to study alongside Martin Campbell (Casino Royale/Zorro) on the set of Mel Gibson drama Edge of Darkness.

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Stef Harris.JPG Best Film 2019.png

Best Director Award & Best Acting Award
Mad House
Ross Perkins

Dale Mortimer is a successful businessman, with a wife and daughter. His happy home life is destroyed when three junkies use Dales smartphone to use his personal information against him and hold his family hostage. Cast: Matt Hastings, Dearbler Hannigan, Taquila Rathbone & Ross Perkins

Director’s Info: Ross Perkins studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles and has since appeared any multiple feature, short film and theatre productions. Ross graduated from the University of New England earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Studies and Communications. Ross then continued to study acting at “The Method Studio” in London. Upon arriving back in Sydney, he has worked on feature film projects such as “Hacksaw Ridge”, “Teenage Kicks” “Ruben Guthrie” and multiple independent feature films. He has also appeared in numerous short films and theatre productions such a “Equus” “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, “Romeo and Juliet.” And he recently completed filming his first feature film “MAD HOUSE” he wrote and directed.

Film Link | Website

Ross Perkins Mad House Ross Perkins poster web

Best Documentary
The Deepest Cut
Alexandra Guillossou

A documentary short about a father with secondary-progressive MS, who struggles with his father’s inability to cope, his mother’s guilt for passing multiple sclerosis to him, and his fear for the future of his two sons. The Deepest Cut alludes to the emotional conflict parents face when dealing with the mortality of their child.

Director’s Info: Alexandra Guillossou has been telling stories for over 20 years. Her creative background comes from over 20 years as an exhibit/graphic designer and 10 years as a professional dancer. In 2017, she began creating promotional videos for clients, including the Saint Louis Aquarium, where she directed John Goodman’s voiceover, various SeaWorld teaser videos, and Big Bear Alpine Zoo’s welcome center video. She has recently completed a Behind the Scenes teaser for a music video featuring the artist Brando and will be AD on an upcoming film for Revol Studios. The Deepest Cut is Alexandra’s first fully solo film project.

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Alexandra Guillossou portrait.jpg GMFA 2019 Best Documentary.png

Best Montage
Life In A Tiny Town
Prakash Gandhi Natarajan

Shot on Apple iPhone XS Max. Small towns in South India (Mayiladuthurai, Kuthalam, Thirumanamcheri, Aadudhurai, Kovindhapuram, Sivaramapuran, Naranamangalam, Kumbakonam).

Director’s Info: Prakash Gandhi Natarajan was born in one of the former colonies of French India: Pondicherry. He grew up in a small town called Mayiladuthurai. After getting a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Sastra University, India he moved to United States for job. His film career started in 2013 and has been constantly acting, modeling, producing, directing short films , music videos since then.
Dhara Visual is specialized in iPhone film making.
In Brief : I am a software engineer during the day and a film maker, actor, model and video/photographer during evening and weekends.

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Prakash Gandhi Natarajan GMFA 2019 Best Montage

Best Experimental
Michael Hollis

‘Chains’ compares and contrasts two worlds, the busyness of modern city life and the stillness of outer country nature. It explores the perceptions of each environment, and invites the audience to reflect on their own experience of such. The film begins with slow, still videos of the country, drawing you into the relaxation of nature. Meanwhile, the tall, black and white buildings exhibit the magnificence of inner city architecture. The two environments begin separated, cutting between each other, the sounds of each location immersing the audience into both worlds.

Director’s Info: Just out of his first year at Swinburne Film and TV, Michael is a 20 year film-maker with a strong focus on horror and comedy. Aside from freelance videography work and music videos, Michael has written, directed and starred in a number of independent short films, this includes “Baker’s Delight”, a horror-comedy about a psychopathic Baker’s Delight employee and “The Sound of Death” a slasher parody/comedy. Keen to branch out into experimental works, Michael explored some more serious themes through his smartphone film “Chains”.

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Michael Hollis.jpg GMFA 2019 Best Experimental.png

Best Travel Video
Sophie Sutton
Robb Montgomery

A young, Welsh busker tries to make it big in Berlin.

Director’s Info: Robb Montgomery’s documentary films have won film festivals in Hollywood, Moscow and Berlin and he is the author of two textbooks: Smartphone Video Storytelling and A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism. Montgomery teaches mobile journalism at the EFJ school of journalism in Paris, Ohio University, and the Danish School of Journalism. He is the chair for the Mobile Journalism Awards and the founder of the Smart Film School. Based in Berlin, Montgomery teaches mobile journalism and mobile filmmaking in over 30 countries.

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Robb Montgomery.jpg GMFA 2019 Best Travel Video.png

Best Special Effects
Tejas Ewing

The film follows a team of researchers for a sinister corporation, as they look for solutions to an unnamed crisis facing humanity. Believing they have found a sanctuary for human survival, in a remote location off the coast of Singapore, they are beset by psychological turmoil caused by plants that defend themselves against the corporation’s goal to exploit every natural resource for human benefit. My hope is that anyone watching this will be compelled to reconsider our deeply one-sided relationship with nature and ask themselves, if Gaia was real, would she want humans as part of her system?

Director’s Info: Tejas Ewing is a Journalist and Author covering social justice issues, a Filmmaker and CEO of Ewing Communications. He teaches filmmaking at NAFA, and specialises in creating innovative learning programmes for NGOs, Academia, Government and the wider non-profit sector. As a filmmaker, he studied at Prague Film School, and has worked on over 15 short films, including both Award-Winning and Award-Nominated films. He has a passion for telling compelling stories that encourage audiences to think about social and environmental issues. His goal is to inspire the next generation of filmmakers to get out there and make films with the tools they already have: a phone, an idea and the commitment to work hard and have fun!


Tejas Ewing.jpg GMFA 2019 Best Special Effects.png

Link to Film


Best Film Award
Ivan Sosnin

This video is very important for me. We were shooting in Sochi, a city on the south of Russia. Main characters were Lyubov and Robert, who are 84 and 86 years respectively. They impressed me deeply – they were very hardworking, working for three days in a row without any brakes starting each day at 6 am. They are amazing!

This was my first experience shooting on a smartphone, I really liked the mobility of all actions. I am very glad for taking the first place! It’s very valuable award for me because “Best mobile video in the world” sounds really cool!

Director’s info: Since student years, has started working in an advertising agency, where he filmed many commercials and music videos. Several years ago started working on creating short films. The first project turned successful: it was evaluated at many short film festivals. He is the creative director of Red Pepper Creative Agency and the director in Red Pepper Film Production.

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Ivan Sosnin Promise GMFA 2018 Promise

Best Director
Forgive Me
Callum Pritchard

Director’s Info: I am a 15 year old aspiring filmmaker hoping to one day direct a full length feature film. I am always looking for a new film to shoot, and I love trying to be as creative as I can in everything I do.

Callum Pritchard Forgive Me GMFA 2018  Forgive Me GMFA 2018.jpeg

Best Cinematography
Brian Hennings

The aim with Focus was to somewhat simulate the effects of vision impairment and to use a first-person perspective to tell the story of someone losing her sight. Being able to achieve that with a smartphone, and to have the judges award us the Best Cinematography prize is a real honour. I’d like to thank the GMFA team for their tireless work promoting smartphone filmmaking. I’d also like to thank Sarah Harris for her faith in the project, and to my family and friends for supporting my filmmaking endeavours. And finally I’d like to acknowledge my sister-in-law Kay Hennings, who inspired the story behind Focus.

Director’s Info: Brian Hennings studied screenwriting through AFTRS and producing at FTI WA. Since completing studies he has combined his life-long love of television and film with a drive to create compelling short-form entertainment. He enjoys mixing his roles within film production. Brian wrote and produced the festival-selected short film, Express, and also created, produced and wrote for popular web-series F’d-Up Film Show and Skitmark Comedy.

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IMFF Brian Hennings Trophy CROP  Focus-poster

Best Visual Effects
Blake Worrell

I am honored to receive this very prestigious award. I thank my wife, actress and producer, for her patience and understanding. I also would like to thank all those who supported me in my vision and helped make it a reality. Finally, I would like to thank Susan Botello and the entire staff at GMFA for accepting me in this new mobile movement. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of community where others like myself have the chance to have their vision be shared globally.

Director’s Info: Blake Worrell has been trained by Roger Corman, the iconic figure in the film industry who has helped many passionate film makers to become award winning industry leaders today, such as Francis For Coppola, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Jack Nickelson, Robert De Niro. He is passionate about his craft, so much so that he works when he is not working.

Blake is also a very talented musician/composer/singer who has been signed to Sony and Universal, and has released over 8 solo albums and collaborated with well known artists around the globe, featuring in over 30 albums. The several recent award winning short films Blake has made, have been shot on an iPhone SE/6s and recognized around the globe. He writes, acts, directs, shoots and even does all the post-production himself. He has broken through the forefront of smartphone film making by bringing special effects and multiple effect layers into his images, making it look seamless and extraordinarily cinematic.


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Blake Worrell by Malina Ebert.jpg  Upend 1

Best Experimental
Yes, No
Matteo Tibiletti

It was an honor to be able to participate in such an important international contest! First, I’d like to thank all the jury, Susan Botello and all the people who contribute to the organization of this contest. I also thank my whole team without which I would not have achieved this result, especially Fabrizio Valezano and Martina Caletti who played in so particular roles! I am very happy to see that my work has been appreciated so much also overseas. I believe that for an independent filmmaker it is essential to create a universally understandable message, capable of breaking down linguistic and cultural distances and differences. “Yes, No” has succeeded in transmitting a very simple message which, I believe, is base of the problem concerning violence against women: the misunderstanding and the lack of communication that is often established in relations between men and women. Let’s end this misunderstanding and listen more to each other: “A no … it’s a no. Stop.

Director’s Info: I was born in 1978, in Varese, Italy. I’m an actor, writer and director for cinema and Theatre. My play “Sonia’s room” won the national playwright contest “Culture possibili”, promoted by Culture Possibili association in Catania; with the same play I was finalist to the national playwright contest “Teatro e disabilità”, in Rome; I won the first edition of the national playwright contest “La riviera dei monologhi” in Bordighera.

In 2018 my short movie “Yes, no” won the prize for best screenplay at Mobile Film Festival 2018 and Best movie originality at Cinephone film festival in Barcelona.
I also teach acting in many schools and private structures of my town.


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Matteo Tibiletti Yes No  Yes No GMFA 2018

Best Comedy
97 Seconds
Ren Thackham

Director’s Info: Ren Thackham is a writer, film and video Director and VR Director based in Manly. She’s also an accomplished award-winning sculpture artist but her passion is telling stories. She’s made short films with budgets upwards of $30,000 so when the opportunity came to make a film with a mobile phone for a festival that celebrates story and creativity over resources and high end cameras, she jumped on it to tell the kinds of stories that might not have attracted funding but she was passionate about telling.


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Ren Thackham 97 Seconds.JPG  97 Seconds Still1


Best Film Award
Mithran Maharajan

Any disruptive creation is a wonderful journey for everyone involved. Filming on a smartphone is one such effort without compromising on the story, cinematic presentation and its characters. Without platforms like Global Mobile Film Awards, film makers like us will have a challenging path to share the joy we had while filming with a wider audience but getting an award on top of that is a huge boost as producer, writer and director and also for my team who made this possible.

I would like to thank Liz Taylor and Javier Augusto Nunez for believing in me and executive producing the film. Karan Dhilon a Veteran Cinematographer who accepted to film on a smart phone still rendered a cinematic feel. Avaah Blackwell who also won award for best performance and the two wonderful kids who brought out the essence of the story and everyone involved in the cast. I would like to thank Joshua Hemming who did sound and music composition who filled silent scenes with life through his sound and music. Rodolfo my editor who remade this film in the studio and did justice to the story both creatively and technically. It was amazing to see him color correct the footage with so little data from the phone and its sensor. Above all Rosita Stone who gave her moving soundtrack (From a mother to her child) without charging us because she fell in love with the story.


Mithran_Maharajan  attachmentsCO13101000014860480ryNtxqGdRVSrjhj8hZ4Q_poster+web+figment

Best Director
How I Became A Movie Theatre Murderer
Aris Tyros

What a confidence boost! I truly believe the most valuable skill a director can have is bringing the right team together. So a huge THANKS are owed to Ian, Adam, Josh, Giulio, Rebecca, Ryan, James and Mickey.

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black smiley web  how+i+became+landscape+across+WITH+LETTERBOARD

Best Cinematography
Blake Worrell

I am very honored to have been awarded for best cinematography on my short film “Dissolution” by the Global Mobile Film Awards™.  I would like to dedicate this award to those who are compelled to share their stories and are passionate about shedding a light on the various perspectives of life.  Today, we carry around the power to learn and create in our pockets.  There are absolutely no excuses anymore.  Dream it, make it, do your best and never ever give up!


Thank You:
To my wife Arly Jover, her immense support has helped me so much in the process.

Blake Worrell PHOTO BY Caroline Wimmer  Dissolution_WEB_POSTER

Best Documentary
Kara Haarburger with Swinburne University of Technology students
Space Van Man

Thank you to everyone at the Global Mobile Film Awards for receiving this award, and for creating a platform for mobile films.

This is the first documentary style film I’ve directed and it’s been amazing to receive such positive reactions. I first met Adrian a year ago when I was out with friends on Brunswick Street. We stopped to admire his van and ended up talking. He was such a friendly, lovely character and extremely interesting. I wrote down his email address and told him if I was to ever make a documentary it would be about him. A few months later, we were asked to make a smartphone documentary in the Digital Narratives unit at Swinburne University of Technology and that’s how this beautiful film began.

I’d like to acknowledge and give a huge thank you to Adrian Jordan, ‘The Space Van Man’ himself. He is always so warm and welcoming and throughout this process has become a life long friend. Thank you for letting us share your beautiful story to the world.

Thank you to the amazing and supportive team who contributed to the production of this film- Brenton Gardiner, Corey Martin, Anita Agathanelou, John Lee and Max Schleser. This project would not have been successful without them!

Kara Haarburger

Best Experimental
No Budget
Christopher Stollery

Many thanks to to my cast Josh McConville, Richard Pyros and Yalin Ozucelik for the many hours they put into this film alongside the up-and-comers Hugo Weaving & David Wenham for their participation. Deep appreciation also to GMFA for providing a forum for all the films made in this exciting new genre.

Christopher Stollery - Headshot  No Budget Laurels L GMFA