The Awarded films for the inaugural Global Mobile Film Awards™ Ceremony are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners!

Global Mobile Film Awards™


Best Film Award
Mithran Maharajan

Any disruptive creation is a wonderful journey for everyone involved. Filming on a smartphone is one such effort without compromising on the story, cinematic presentation and its characters. Without platforms like Global Mobile Film Awards, film makers like us will have a challenging path to share the joy we had while filming with a wider audience but getting an award on top of that is a huge boost as producer, writer and director and also for my team who made this possible.

I would like to thank Liz Taylor and Javier Augusto Nunez for believing in me and executive producing the film. Karan Dhilon a Veteran Cinematographer who accepted to film on a smart phone still rendered a cinematic feel. Avaah Blackwell who also won award for best performance and the two wonderful kids who brought out the essence of the story and everyone involved in the cast. I would like to thank Joshua Hemming who did sound and music composition who filled silent scenes with life through his sound and music. Rodolfo my editor who remade this film in the studio and did justice to the story both creatively and technically. It was amazing to see him color correct the footage with so little data from the phone and its sensor. Above all Rosita Stone who gave her moving soundtrack (From a mother to her child) without charging us because she fell in love with the story.


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Best Director
How I Became A Movie Theatre Murderer
Aris Tyros

What a confidence boost! I truly believe the most valuable skill a director can have is bringing the right team together. So a huge THANKS are owed to Ian, Adam, Josh, Giulio, Rebecca, Ryan, James and Mickey.

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Best Cinematography
Blake Worrell

I am very honored to have been awarded for best cinematography on my short film “Dissolution” by the Global Mobile Film Awards™.  I would like to dedicate this award to those who are compelled to share their stories and are passionate about shedding a light on the various perspectives of life.  Today, we carry around the power to learn and create in our pockets.  There are absolutely no excuses anymore.  Dream it, make it, do your best and never ever give up!


Thank You:
To my wife Arly Jover, her immense support has helped me so much in the process.

Blake Worrell PHOTO BY Caroline Wimmer  Dissolution_WEB_POSTER

Best Documentary
Kara Haarburger with Swinburne University of Technology students
Space Van Man

Thank you to everyone at the Global Mobile Film Awards for receiving this award, and for creating a platform for mobile films.

This is the first documentary style film I’ve directed and it’s been amazing to receive such positive reactions. I first met Adrian a year ago when I was out with friends on Brunswick Street. We stopped to admire his van and ended up talking. He was such a friendly, lovely character and extremely interesting. I wrote down his email address and told him if I was to ever make a documentary it would be about him. A few months later, we were asked to make a smartphone documentary in the Digital Narratives unit at Swinburne University of Technology and that’s how this beautiful film began.

I’d like to acknowledge and give a huge thank you to Adrian Jordan, ‘The Space Van Man’ himself. He is always so warm and welcoming and throughout this process has become a life long friend. Thank you for letting us share your beautiful story to the world.

Thank you to the amazing and supportive team who contributed to the production of this film- Brenton Gardiner, Corey Martin, Anita Agathanelou, John Lee and Max Schleser. This project would not have been successful without them!

Kara Haarburger

Best Experimental
No Budget
Christopher Stollery

Many thanks to to my cast Josh McConville, Richard Pyros and Yalin Ozucelik for the many hours they put into this film alongside the up-and-comers Hugo Weaving & David Wenham for their participation. Deep appreciation also to GMFA for providing a forum for all the films made in this exciting new genre.

Christopher Stollery - Headshot  No Budget Laurels L GMFA