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Global Mobile Film Awards

Welcome to Global Mobile Film Awards™. GMFA is an awards ceremony for films which have won awards in any film festival. Previously awarded films are selected to compete in a supreme competition each year to claim their best of the world awards in several categories. This prestigious award includes laurels and a permanent placement on our website and a distinct mention in a press release.

Global Mobile Film Awards™ has been dubbed the “Oscars” of the mobile film industry and has an established global recognition since February 2017. GMFA takes place annually in December. Submissions end in October.

Nominations are announced in November and the Awards Show takes place in December, online.

Awarded films are selected by a special jury panel of industry professionals.

In years past, awarded filmmakers have received extra publicity from local press in their cities and countries, podcast guest opportunities with the SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ and the option to be a part of a special honoree judging panel for attending short filmmakers from the annual International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego with an added opportunity to speak and present the award in person in San Diego.

The only films that can submit to Global Mobile Film Awards™ are films which can prove their film received an official award from a qualifying film festival. Usually, a qualifying film festival has built a professional and ethical reputation. Festivals do not have to be “mobile” or exclusive to mobile phones or devices.

Submission guidelines for films to be considered for nomination:

-Films must be shot with only smartphones, exception of only 10% of total footage by drone. Horizontal format (widescreen) only.

-Films must have received an official award by a film festival

-Legal clearance for all films with copyrights, media licenses and other “license to use” proof may be requested

-All films must be widescreen format (no vertical videos)

-English subtitles must be included for films of non-English films and/or inaudible speaking dialogue

-Films should not be shorter than 3 minutes or longer than 90 minutes.

-No Nudity or pornographic content, no offensive content

-These are the basic rules to keep in mind before requesting to submit a mobile film for nomination and depending on your film and circumstances, we may ask for proof of things such as Talent Release, Minor Consent, etc.

Submission fees on FilmFreeway are non-refundable. We want to make sure you qualify before you pay for submission. Feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website at

A limited number of films will be nominated each year. The non-nomination of a film does not mean a film does not qualify.

Note: All filmmaker’s who shot their film with smartphones should always check to see if the film festival which they received their award from, is a GMFA Member Film Festival before submitting a film to us.

ALL FILMS MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR GMFA DOWNLOAD. Film clips chosen by GMFA will be publicly shown during the online show and the awards ceremony. GMFA will share your films via link if you would like them promoted. However, a trailer must be available to list in the awards page at the very minimum.

filmfreeway-logo-hires-black-2dd68bff7fa8cc8fb193c32f87060795Submission fee is $60.00 U.S. (non-refundable)

Any film festival, which is not exclusive to mobile films (most film festivals) and would like to offer mobile filmmakers nomination for GMFA as part of a prize/award (no cost to filmmaker), should contact us to be listed as a member.

Any film festival which is exclusive to mobile films (mobile and smartphone film festivals) who would like to offer mobile filmmakers a nomination as part of an award or prize (no cost to filmmaker) may contact us to be listed as a member.

All filmmaker’s who shot their film with smartphones should always check to see if the film festival which they received their award from, is a GMFA Member Film Festival before submitting a film to us.

Open to All Film Festivals

Global Mobile Film Awards Nomination Suggested Categories

  • Best Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Documentary
  • Best News Story
  • Best Experimental Film
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Thriller
  • Best Sound Mixing
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Production Design

If you have more questions and need assistance you may contact us using the form on the Contact page on this website.

Be advised: All filmmakers who submit awarded films will be bound by a legal statement that their films were shot with a smartphone camera only and won official awards in a legally standing film festival or entity for their films. All films and awards are subject to verification. Official Nominations for inclusion by GMFA are not guaranteed. No refunds.

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