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Global Mobile Film Awards

We launched the Global Mobile Film Awards™ on February 19, 2017 with founding GMFA Members SF3 Smartfone Flick Fest in Australia and Heartland Film Festival in Indiana. The International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego is also a GMFA Member.

If you are a filmmaker who received an official award for your smartphone shot film from a non-member entity/film festival you can still submit your film for a nomination. Below are the categories for the first Global Mobile Film Awards™ program which we expect to hold online in October/November 2017. Individual filmmakers will need to fill out a form and submit a fee ($60.00) per film submitted for a nomination. If the entity or film festival you won the award from qualifies and is accepted as a GMFA Member they may nominate your film free of charge to you. You can also make the request directly to them.

A nomination is only the beginning. All nominees’ films will be showcased for the duration of the online Global Mobile Film Awards™ program which will last anywhere from a few days to a week. The winners of the Best of each category will receive a special laurel award and an official certificate and their status will be listed on this website for many years to come, maybe forever.

Global Mobile Film Awards Nomination Categories

  • Best Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Documentary
  • Best News Story
  • Best Experimental Film

How many films are submitted for a nomination is up to the entity or film festival member and they make their final decisions. If you are submitting your awarded film for a nomination you may submit as many films as you like without a guarantee of any of them being nominated. Each film submitted incurs a fee so you should choose your best awarded films to submit. Once your film is selected for a  nomination, you will be on the list of nominated films for each festival each year.

If you have more questions and need assistance you may contact us using the form on the Contact page on this website.

Be advised: All filmmakers who submit awarded films will be bound by a legal statement that their films were shot with a smartphone camera only and won official awards in a legally standing film festival or entity for their films. All films and awards are subject to verification. No refunds.

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